THERE is no doubt that the UK and Wales are facing one of the most uncertain periods in our history.

Our future relationship with Europe and in turn the rest of the world is at a tipping point, and here in Wales, the result of the Welsh Labour leadership campaign is about to be revealed.

In Newport we are also at a key point – next week my cabinet will meet to consider the budget for 2019/20 and most importantly, the options for where we can make investments or where cuts need to be made.

It is an incredibly difficult juggling act for us – Newport City Council provides over 800 services for over 151,000 people living in over 65,000 households.

We are delivering services against a backdrop of ever-increasing demands and no increase in funding, yet we are rightly ambitious and aim to provide the best services we can.

We made promises in our manifesto and in-turn, within our corporate plan.

We continue to hold strong our ambition of ‘building a better Newport’ and ‘improving people’s lives’.

Today the cabinet papers will be released on our website, setting out the challenges we face and options available.

Next week, we will then discuss those options and set out what we think is the best way forward for the city.

At that point, I urge every resident to get involved and have your say.

My political colleagues and I are elected to represent your views – and the public consultation that will kick off on Thursday, December 13, is a prime opportunity for everyone to use their voice.

The full details of all the proposals will be available on the council website and there will be opportunity to submit views, comments and suggestions.

We will also be out-and-about until the end of January aiming to gather those views on a face-to-face basis.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for details of where and when.

Every bit of that feedback will be collated, recorded and considered by my cabinet when we meet again in February next year.

I must remind you that we have by no means been sitting still - we have made significant savings and efficiencies – £45 million over the last five years.

However, we want to do more than just provide the basic services that we have to provide by law – we want Newport to be a thriving city that its residents are proud to call home.