THE UK Government will publish its full legal advice on the prime minister's Brexit deal after MPs found it in contempt of Parliament for not doing so.

The House of Commons supported a motion demanding full disclosure, by 311 votes to 293.

The leader of the commons, Andrea Leadsom, said the government "would respond" tomorrow.

Last month, the government published a commentary on the legal position, together with the attorney-general providing an oral statement to Parliament in a move which was heavily criticised by the opposition politicians.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, who is the MP for Torfaen, said earlier today: “I am pleased with this outcome. For the sake of our economy, our jobs and our futures, all possible information should be made available to Members of this House. With so much at stake for all our constituents and days to go before the vote on the deal, this House and this country deserved better from this Government. The legal advice should have been disclosed before, but at least it has been now, and MPs can know the full implications of the deal being put to Parliament.”