GWENT Police delivered their eighth action day in Pill on Thursday in partnership with a number of other agencies.

The event was part of the ongoing multi-agency work in Pill which responds to concerns from the community with regards to anti-social behaviour and crime.

Activities included Newport Live offering after-school activities at Pill Mill, the police and the community safety wardens doing regular patrols and enforcing the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), and the Mini police from Pillgwenlly PrimarySchool engaging with the public, handing out information on crime prevention and fire safety.

Inspector Jason Williams said that the day had been a success.

He said: "Today is about partnership working. It’s not about relying on the Police to sort out an area like Pill, it’s about everyone working together."

"I don’t think any other section in Newport has an action day like this. The amount of effort and drive that we are putting in to Pill, led by the Council, is immense.

"They’ve developed from two-hour sessions up to a full day of engagement, where we are asking Newport Live to put on activities to pull in people off the streets to help stop anti-social behaviour.

"It does require a buy-in from the public to understand that we are doing as much as we can. There’s more to do, but I think as a partnership we are working really well.

"It’s not just the Police that realise we need to put extra services in to Pill.

"City Services have put extra services in to Pill - they picked up half a ton of rubbish this morning from the centre of Pill.

"We’ve developed a contact with them now, and if we find someone dumping rubbish in your street, we can have it removed within 24 hours.

"If we keep it clean, it will stay clean, and we can attract the right businesses and people in to Pill."

As part of the day, two men were arrested for possession with intention to supply.

Caroline James, a member of the council's partnership team, said: "Not only do days like today involve the community, but they show that we are engaging with the community and addressing the issues that have been raised."

Leigh Williams, a sport and physical development officer for Newport Live, said: "We’re involved from 4pm onwards, when the young people get home.

"We’re aiming to offer some positive activities at our session tonight in partnership with the youth service, including table tennis, football, and basketball. People can just turn up and play."