A BOYFRIEND who used a plaster cast on his broken arm to smash his partner’s cheekbone during a fierce argument is facing a prison sentence.

A jury found Jordan Ingram, 21, of Buxton Close, Newport, guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm and criminal damage after a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

The judge, Recorder David Harris, warned him he is likely to be jailed in the new year following his conviction.

Prosecutor Peter Donnison told the jury of three men and nine women how Ingram had also kicked and bitten his girlfriend.

The defendant had spent five days in hospital following a “nasty motorbike accident” just before the attack, the court was told.

Ingram claimed the complainant had “lunged” at him and denied fracturing her cheekbone, kicking her backside and biting her arm and finger.

He pleaded not guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and criminal damage by breaking her mobile phone on March 17.

The jury found him guilty by a majority verdict of 11-1 on each count.

During the trial, they heard the victim say that she still loved Ingram.

Giving evidence in his defence, he told his barrister Hilary Roberts that he and his girlfriend had shouted at each other at his grandmother’s house.

He said the row had broken out because he wanted to “go and see the boys” so that he could “smoke a spliff”.

Ingram said he had recently broken an arm, wrist and thumb in biking accident and was “just happy I was alive”.

He claimed she wouldn’t let him go to see his friends and that they traded insults about her mother and his grandmother.

Ingram told the court: “She lashed out at me. She pulled me by the hair from behind. She was on top of me.”

Mr Donnison put it to the defendant: “You lost control of yourself, didn’t you?”

Ingram replied that he had not.

The prosecutor claimed: “You assaulted her. You kicked her backside six or seven times. You pulled her up by the hair … You hit her using your plaster cast into the face.”

Again, Ingram denied that he had. Mr Donnison further accused him of emptying her belongings outside the house before he “destroyed” her mobile phone.

He told him: “You smashed the phone and laughed while you did. You bit into her finger, your teeth causing a bend in a ring.”

Ingram refuted this and told the court he was “mortified” when he was arrested by the police.

He told the jury he had been brought up not to act as the prosecution claimed.

Mr Donnison said the defendant attacked his partner because she was "mothering" him after his accident and wouldn't let him go out and use drugs.

Recorder Harris told Ingram: “All sentencing option remain open, including immediate custody.”

He added: “The likelihood is immediate custody.”

Sentence was adjourned until January 11 and the defendant was granted conditional bail.