AN ELEVATED beer garden is set to be built at a popular city centre pub after planning permission was granted by Newport council.

JD Wetherspoon has been granted permission to create a 140sqm modern terrace area at the rear of The Queens Hotel in Bridge Street, Newport.

The beer garden will be built in the service area and courtyard, which the firm say is only partially used for deliveries, storage and car parking.

Under the plans it will include the installation of ‘high quality décor’, visually appealing planted pergolas, glass screens and low-level amenity and decorative lighting.

The planning application says there will be no amplified music or PA system in the beer garden, and that it will keep the same opening hours as the remainder of the pub.

An extension to the existing CCTV system will be made for the development, with the only access to the terrace coming from the existing customer area.

The terrace will share a common level with the existing pub, allowing wheelchair bound customers equal access to the beer garden.

One objection was lodged from a neighbouring business, raising concerns about the noise coming from the pub and potential for crime and anti-social behaviour underneath the structure.

The council's highways officer also raised an objection due to the loss of a small area of informal staff parking used for around five cars.

Two staff parking places would be lost due the the development, but a planning report says this would not warrant a reason for refusal because the site is close to public car parks and within walking distance of public transport.

The planning report says: "The proposed structure is large but is a simple design with timber decking and clear glass balustrading.

"This design would provide a contrast to the fabric of the existing building and is not considered to detracting from its character.

"To erect a pastiche structure or overly decorative structure would appear to odds to the appearance and orientation of the building, therefore the modern, simple design is considered more appropriate in this instance."

The Grade II listed building currently serves as one of the chain’s Lloyds No 1 bars.

Lloyds No 1 has been open since 2009, with JD Wetherspoon investing around £900,000 to redevelop the building.

Conditions of the permission include that customers will not be allowed in the beer garden between midnight and 9am on any day.