A DISABLED man has given the ultimate gift to a Gwent charity that offer horse and carriage rides to disabled people after leaving them £42,000 in his will.

Colin Morgan, who passed away last July aged 80, had been member of Ceffyl Du Carriage Driving for the Disabled Group, based in Cwmbran, since 1994.

Mr Morgan was born blind and with a learning disability, but his affinity for horses led to him regularly visiting the group, based at Greenmeadow Community Farm.

Carole Brangham became Mr Morgan’s advocate after he moved out of Llanfrechfa Grange back in to a home in the community.

She said: “I met Colin 28 years ago when he was being resettled in the community. I became his advocate within a year or two.

“He said that he wanted to leave any money left to help the horses.

“He loved horses. He did some form of horse riding before I met him.

“He would always make sure to feel the horses’ faces and stroke their fur and manes. He was always so comfortable with them. He was never nervous.”

Mrs Brangham was invited to the Ceffyl Du Christmas party to present the cheque.

She said: “The cheque came to me a few months ago.

“I had already informed Ceffyl Du that there was some money coming for them, but only the close committee members knew how much. I wanted to keep that a surprise.

“They were shocked, I think it was a bit overwhelming for them when they found out.

“Colin would have loved to see their reaction. It was a perfect night. On the night I said that the only thing that would have made it perfect would have been Colin being there.”

Christine Waite, chairwoman of Ceffyl Du, said: "It was complete shock really. 

"They knew it was going to be a substantial amount, but they thought it was going to be about £1,000 or £2,000 pounds.

"It means now the group is now financially stable going forward." 

If anyone is interesting in volunteering for Ceffyl Du please contact www.ceffyl/du-rda.org.uk or call 07756305177.