A SERIES about a daredevil on a mission to prove the benefits of veganism will debut tonight.

Dirty Vegan is a BBC documentary, starring 45-year-old Matt Pritchard - a skateboarder, stunt performer and celebrity chef who has appeared as a stuntman on Dirty Sanchez and Balls of Steel - trying to combat veganism.

Mr Pritchard, who is a vegan from Cardiff, will face challenges in each episode.

The series premiere will see him challenged to power up and feed the Scarlets Women's rugby team, ahead of one of their matches.

This super-fit squad need to be fit and strong, and think vegan food is for wimps, but Mr Pritchard is determined to prove them wrong.

With the help of Ruth Fairchild, a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition from Cardiff Met University, and produce from a vegetable farm in the Gower, Mr Pritchard takes the challenge, as always, head-on.

Mr Pritchard has recorded four episodes of series one of Dirty Vegan. Each one is 30 minutes long, with him taking on a new challenge each week.

The first episode of Dirty Vegan will air tonight [Wednesday], on BBC One Wales, at 7.30pm.