PARTS of Gwent are developing into attractive places to live for people commuting to Bristol, a new study reveals.

Cwmbran and Newport have emerged as the top commuter hotspots for Bristol, according to property website Zoopla, which has compiled a UK-wide list of desirable commuter areas, based on combining mortgage costs and 2019 annual rail season ticket prices.

Zoopla's Commuters Affordability Index reveals the cheapest towns for commuters within an hour’s travel time of five of Britain’s largest cities.

Based on these measures, Cwmbran comes in as the top commuter hotspot for Bristol, with combined costs of £7,535 and a commute time of 58 minutes.

The cost is comprised of £4,839 in average annual mortgage costs, and £2,696 for an annual rail season ticket between the two places.

Newport combined cost is higher at £8,393, though the commute is significantly shorter at 35 minutes. The city's average annual mortgage cost is given as £5,373, and the annual rail season ticket is priced at £3,020.

Cwmbran and Newport beat Taunton and Bridgewater, in Somerset, and Gloucester in terms of combined costs.

“As the new season ticket prices come into effect, much to the anguish of thousands of commuters across the UK, those looking to relocate may wish to pay close attention to these figures," said Zoopla's Annabel Dixon.

What the study does not take into account of course, is the recent scrapping of Severn Crossings tolls, which is making Gwent a more attractive location to live too, for people who drive to and from Bristol.