A THIEF who brought misery to a town’s shop owners over the festive period after a Christmas crime rampage was jailed for nearly a year.

Roger Nugent, aged 41, was also made the subject of a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which now prevents him entering many retail businesses in Monmouth.

The defendant, of Hendre Close in the town, was jailed for a total of 42 weeks at Newport Magistrates’ Court.

He must also pay more than £1,000 in compensation.

Nugent stole more than £450 of alcohol, Lego, meat, children’s books, cosmetics worth nearly £600, razor blades valued at £250 and even a Christmas tree.

He targeted shops throughout the town in November and December, including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, WH Smiths, Boots and Budgens.

The defendant admitted 13 theft offences. It was said in mitigation that he had pleaded guilty.

His CBO prevents Nugent from entering, attending or standing outside any commercial premises on Monnow Street, Monnow Bridge, Church Street, Agincourt Square, Priory Street, Oldway Centre,

Blestium Street or Cinderhill Street in Monmouth.

Outside the court, Police Constable Chris Butt said: “This individual is responsible for causing significant financial loss to all major shops across Monmouth over the Christmas period.

“Following an extensive investigation, Nugent was convicted and is now serving time in prison.

“The criminal behaviour order will prevent him from engaging in any further criminal or anti-social activity when he is released."

CBOs are available on conviction for any criminal offence in any criminal court.

The order is aimed at tackling the most serious and persistent offenders where their behaviour has brought them before a criminal court.

CBOs include prohibitions to stop the anti-social behaviour and may also include requirements to address the underlying causes of the offender's behaviour.

The court may make a CBO against an offender only on the application of the prosecution.