BUS services to an area of Abergavenny were stopped last week because poorly-parked cars were obstructing bus drivers’ access.

On Saturday, January 5, bus company Stagecoach notified its customers on social media that the number 47 service would not be serving the town’s Underhill estate because “badly parked cars” on Underhill Crescent, at the estate’s entrance, were “prohibiting the safe access of the bus.”

Stagecoach went on to say that the bus service would resume serving passengers on Underhill estate when “offending vehicles” had been moved.

The firm apologised for any inconvenience caused.

The number 47 service connects Underhill, in northern Abergavenny, with Llanfoist and Llanellen.

It is not known whether any other bus services which operate in the area have been affected by similar problems with parked cars.

Stagecoach was contacted for a comment on the disruption to its number 47 service, but the firm declined.