RESIDENTS of Catbrook are being encouraged to share their favourite recipes for a unique recipe book.

Catbrook Country Kitchen aims to feature about 100 recipes, selected and submitted by members of the community.

If you want to be featured, supply your favourite recipe, including ingredients and how to make it.

If the recipe comes from a cookery book, let them know, as the original creator will need credit. If you’ve tweaked the recipe there are no copyright issues.

Once the book is printed, hopefully by Autumn 2019, it will be available for purchase with profits going to Catbrook & District Memorial Hall.

Recipes must be submitted by the end of January. Email them to:

Although Catbrook Village Hall (NP16 6NA) is currently closed, whilst maintenance work takes place, there’s plenty planned for when it re-opens.

Just like the Hall has had a make-over, guests can too, with a little help from Catbrook resident, Michele Moriarty-Jones.

The make-overs will be from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, with Ms Moriarty-Jones giving make-up demonstrations, and sharing beauty tips and tricks at this ‘fun and informative’ event.

Tickets for this are £10, which include refreshments, but spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

To book tickets, phone Michele on: 07789 438772 or email her at:

You can also find her on Facebook: @lookingoodmakeup

The following day, Friday, January 27, will be the first of four films chosen by Catbrook residents, for this season, The Children Act (12A).

The film features Emma Thompson as eminent High Court judge, Fiona Maye, who has to make a life-changing decision on whether to force a teenaged boy, Adam (played by Fionn Whitehead) to have a life-saving blood transfusion.

Meanwhile, her marriage to Jack (played by Stanley Tucci) is falling apart.

Guests don’t need to book; it’s £5 on the door and you can bring your own drinks.