A NEWPORT primary school was praised in the Senedd this week.

Speaking in the Assembly on Thursday, Newport East AM John Griffiths praised St Julian’s Primary School and applauded an Estyn report in October, which rated it excellent.

Addressing education secretary Kirsty Williams, the Labour AM said: “It's a pioneer school in terms of digital competency and professional learning.

“I'd very much like to pay tribute to the staff, the school governors, the parents and the children, and I'm sure you'd like to do the same.”

Ms Williams replied: “We need to challenge underperformance where we find it in the Welsh education system, but we also need to recognise and celebrate success where we find it in the Welsh education system.

“Too often, we are ready to talk our teaching processionals and their efforts down.

“St Julian's Primary School – a school that I've had the privilege to visit to see the work that they are doing in terms of digital competency – is a fantastic school that does a wonderful, wonderful job for the children who attend.”