CWMBRAN House resident Vera Webber celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday. She celebrated the occasion at the home with her close friends and family.

Mrs Webber was born in Lower Garn Terrace in Garndiffaith. She is very well known in the area, as her family owned a butcher’s store named Tom Powell’s, where her late husband, Ken, also worked with Mrs Webber and her parents when he came back from the war.

(Vera Webber celebrating her 100th birthday with her daughter Katherine Jones (L) Philip Jones, grandson and Joanne Carey granddaughter at Cwmbran House .

She worked at the butcher’s all her life and was passed it down to her daughter, Katherine Jones.

Mrs Webber has two children, John and Katherine, as well as six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

When asked about what her mother was like, Mrs Jones said: “She is a wonderful mother. She’s very caring and always interested in what we were doing and what we achieved. She has always been very family oriented.

“People say to me that they remember coming in to the butchers shop and eating faggots on the way home. They always said that it was the best butchers shop in town.”

(Vera Webber celebrating her 100th birthday at Cwmbran House .

Mrs Jones said that her mother has always been in good health - she loved going out dancing and bowling. She was also a regular member of the Earl Street chapel and women’s institute in Garndiffaith.

Mrs Webber has been in Cwmbran House for 18 months.

“Everybody has been very kind and made her feel welcome and I can’t thank them enough,” added Mrs Jones.

Mrs Webber has received a card from the Welsh Government to celebrate her 100th birthday.