MONMOUTH MP David Davies has revealed why he has started wearing a police-style body camera in public.

Mr Davies, a pro-Brexit MP, said the camera would “collect evidence of abuse and protect [him] from malicious allegations.”

“Verbal abuse, intimidation, and threats have been happening for almost a year now in the College Green area of Parliament. I have been subjected to them on a regular basis. I've had flags pushed into my face, had my way barred by multiple people, been sworn at and called 'scum' and been told that 'we are going to find where you live and we will be coming for you.'

“Some protesters are deliberately trying to goad people into reacting. The camera will ensure malicious allegations cannot be made.”

This week, there have been calls to protect MPs following verbal attacks by far-right activists on Conservative MP Anna Soubry.

Mr Davies said: “The abuse of Anna Soubry MP was outrageous and everyone is right to condemn this but, it is a shame that when pro-EU supporters were harassing Brexit-supporting MPs like myself, there were no calls for police action."