This is a story which appeared in the Argus 100 years ago.

A most regrettable affair occurred at Newport late on Friday night when, following upon an altercation between two sergeants of the Royal Defence Corps at the Newport Gymnasium, one is alleged to have shot the other dead with a rifle.

The accused is Michael Alick Sullivan, of 56, Bath Street, Hereford, a sergeant in the Royal Defence Corps, who had been living in barracks at Newport while serving in the R.D.C., and the victim is Sergt. James Macdonald of the same corps, who was a well-known and popular non-commissioned officer among soldiers at Newport and Cardiff.

Sullivan had seen many years' service with the colours, and spent some time in India, while he has been stationed at Newport for the past four years.

He will be brought up on the capital charge of murdering James Macdonald "by shooting him with a service rifle in the Gymnasium Athletic Grounds, Newport, at 10.40pm on Friday, the 10th."

Immediately after the occurrence the borough police were communicated with, and P.C. Mosely was called from High Street, where he was on post duty tot he Gymnasium, where he saw Sullivan detained by two military policemen.

In the same room was the body of Sergeant Macdonald, lying on his back - with the top of his head blown off - in a pool of blood.

P.C. Mosely took the accused, who was in a state of great excitement, to the Central Police Station, where he was detained in custody.

Further inquiries show that each of the men concerned are single.

Macdonald, who was engaged as orderly room sergeant, belonged to Oban, Scotland.

He usually spent his leave at Blackpool and was employed in the Post Office.

He was extremely popular with his comrades, and was of a quiet disposition. The tragedy occurred in the dressing-room of the Gymnasium, now used as the sergeants' mess, and some of the men who were sleeping in he Gymnasium were unaware of what had occurred until this morning.

The full strength of the detachment is about 175, but half the men are on leave.

The detachment is about 175, but half the men are on leave.

The detachment is under Lieut. Bruce.

The accused was quite sober when he was brought to the Central Police Office by P.C. Mosely.

The body has been removed to the mortuary, pending the inquest.

The prisoner will probably not be brought before the magistrates till Monday, and then only sufficient evidence will be given to justify a formal remand.