DRUG use in Welsh prisons "undermines rehabilitation" and must be dealt with, a Newport AM has said.

Speaking in the Assembly this week, Newport West's Jayne Bryant asked what was being done to cut drug use among prison inmates in Wales.

There are six prisons in Wales - including HMP Usk and HMP Prescoed in Monmouthshire - but control over the prison service is not devolved, and remains in the hands of the Ministry of Justice.

Addressing finance minister Rebecca Evans, Labour AM Ms Bryant said: "We know that no prison in Britain is drug free and that this situation is getting worse.

"Drug use in prison fuels violence, suicide, self-harm and has a serious detrimental impact on mental health.

"This undermines rehabilitation as often offenders are stuck in a cycle of offending fuelled by drug addiction.

"Whilst I understand this is primarily a role for UK Government, obviously when people leave prison they are released back into the community and use local services."

Calling tackling drug use "clearly a complex issue", Ms Evans replied: "We're undertaking some significant work with our partners in this area to reduce the harms associated with substance misuse.

"The substance misuse services in prisons are delivered in line with clinical guidance and prison health teams work in partnership with community services."

All of Wales' six prisons are men-only.