ONE of the country’s leading Brexiteers took to a Wetherspoons pub to deliver his belief that Newport and other areas in Wales “would flourish” outside of the EU.

Tim Martin, who is the founder of J.D. Wetherspoons, is visiting pubs across the country to speak of the “massive” economic advantages of leaving the EU on March 29.

Speaking to a packed room in The Queen's Hotel, Newport, the 63-year-old said: "I think Newport and other areas will flourish outside the EU. We need to eliminate tariffs and regain control of fishing to allow this to happen.

"By coming out of the EU we will create the conditions for flourishing.

"We still need sensible politicians who will listen to the people.

"I am in favour of a Canada plus, plus, plus deal because it is a free trade deal. I am a free trader and we should do things which will eliminate tariffs. That would allow us to do deals with whomever we wish to around the world."

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He added: “We can save £39 billion pounds on day one, when we leave. Think of the benefits with leaving: we can regain control of fishing, tariffs should then be eliminated and an increase in the level of democracy would happen. I think democracy is essential for the future of the world. We need the rest of the world to become democratic."


The businessman also reiterated his argument that, if a Brexit deal is not made, a 'no deal' would not be the "end of the world".

“The first thing you say is no deal when there is pressure," he said.

"Second thing you say is we are happy for a free trade deal if you want. You come back to us and we will do it. It would sensible to do this.

"But it would not be the end of the world if there is no deal."

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Picture: Tomos Povey questioning Tim Martin. Credit:

Mr Martin also called on other businesses to "experiment" with new products, before the country's withdrawal from the EU.

"At Wetherspoons we are experimenting," he said.

"We decided to take a number of items from the EU off the menu – it is nothing against the businesses. This is about Brussels.

"We stopped selling French Champagne and switched to items from the UK and Australia. We have also switched from French brandy to brandy from America. We sell these items for lower prices."

Newport was one of many Welsh constituencies to have voted leave in the EU referendum.