PEOPLE in Newport are among the most likely in the UK to check how much their neighbours' homes are worth, a study has found.

Property website Zoopla has ranked Newport eighth in the country for the number of people checking how much other homes in their neighbourhood are worth.

Reading topped the survey, followed by Milton Keynes, Bedford and Swindon. Colchester ranked fifth, followed by Cambridge and Stockport. Bournemouth and Coventry ranked just behind Newport as ninth and 10th respectively.

Zoopla spokeswoman Annabel Dixon said getting such valuations can help those looking to buy or sell, when they are researching their local property market, to make an informed decision.

"Whether Brits are plotting their next move, or simply curious, it's fascinating to see the stark contrasts in nosey behaviour from town to town," she said.

People in Middlesbrough were least likely to check the value of their neighbours' homes, followed by Rotherham, Dundee, Hull and Doncaster.

According to Zoopla, the average house price in Newport is £181,787.