Our Dog of the Week is Bear, a very handsome Akita.

Akitas are renowned for their loyalty and devotion to their owners, and the true and heartbreaking story of Hatchiko was made into a film in 2009.

“Hatchi, a Dog’s Tale”, tells how Hatchiko walked with his master every day to a train station, and waited there all day till his master returned from work at the end of the day to accompany him home. One day Hatchi’s owner died tragically, but the dog had returned to the station without fail every day, never giving up hope that his master would return.

Hatchi’s daily vigil continued for the next eight years, visiting the station every day, waiting patiently for his master to alight from the train.

Bear arrived at Newport City Dogs Home as a stray, and although his owner knows he at the centre, they haven’t come forward to claim him.

Every morning when the kennel staff take him his food, Bear’s ears prick up in expectation - hoping that the footsteps he hears are those of his owner.

His disappointment is palpable, but the staff and volunteers are doing everything they can to help Bear cope with his loss.

The staff will be looking for a breed-experienced home for Bear, who knows and understands these very special dogs.

For more information on any of the dogs for rehoming at Newport City Dogs Home please contact the staff at the centre on 01633 290902.