MONMOUTHSHIRE council is proposing a clamp down on anti-social behaviour taking place in car parks following complaints.

Screeching tyres, loud music and blasting car horns have led to complaints from residents living nearby and people who regularly use the car parks.

In particular, anti-social behaviour has been reported at Fairfield and Byefield Lane car parks, in Abergavenny and Welsh Street and Leisure Centre car parks in Chepstow.

The county council has now launched a consultation on plans to make a Public Spaces Protection Order.

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The order would ban 'doughnutting', racing or other vehicle nuisance.

Groups would not be allowed to congregate around vehicles causing nuisance to others between 6pm and 8am.

Loud music from vehicles or amplified devices would also be banned, except with the express permission of the council.

The order would also prevent mechanically propelled vehicles being driven in an anti-social way.

A statement from the council says: "The complaints have been quite specific in nature and focused around the activities of these individuals who cause anti-social behaviour through noise from loud amplified music, loud exhausts, unnecessary sounding of the horn, screeching tyres and associated issues.

"These activities have given rise to concerns for those who use these areas on a daily basis and live in properties nearby.

"Despite continued efforts by partner agencies, the nuisance continues and shows no signs of stopping without legal intervention."

A decision on making the order will be made after the 21-day consultation, which was launched on January 31.

Take part in the consultation at