A CITY pensioner says he was targeted six times in two days by scammers trying to con him out of money – but was told by police no crime had been committed.

Malcolm Morgan, 77, blocked each number as they came through to his house phone on Friday, February 1.

But, says Mr Morgan, of Corporation Road in Newport, every time they called back, they would use a different number.

The scammers use a recording from “HMRC”, and tell their targets that they owe money.

South Wales Argus:

(Malcolm Morgan, 77, is sick of being targeted by scammers - Credit: Josh Thomas)

The victims, usually targeted elderly people, are then asked to call a number to speak to an “advisor” who takes their bank details and rinses their account.

Luckily, Mr Morgan was wise to this, and jotted down the digits to take to Gwent Police the next day.

He says was shocked to be told that as no crime had been committed – because he was wise enough to avoid the trap.

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Mr Morgan also said he tried to hand the numbers over, but was told he would be better contacting HMRC as it “wasn’t a police matter”.

“After I had the calls I thought I should call Action Fraud,” explained Mr Morgan.

“But when I was looking for the number online on the internet I found reference to the HMRC scam targeting people in Bristol. The police there had asked for information so I thought I would take this to the central station in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

(He writes down the numbers of every scam call he gets, but says police weren't interested - Credit: Josh Thomas)

“I told them they should be preventing crime as well as solving crimes that have already happened, surely?

“There was an attempt to commit a crime. If I had been conned out of my money it would have been a police matter then.

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“I would have thought the police would take the numbers to investigate it at least.”

A spokesman for Gwent Police said they were aware of reports of residents receiving a scam phone call relating to HMRC.

“Anyone who receives call of this nature is advised to politely hang up and contact 101 or alternatively report directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or through their website,” they added.

Mr Morgan says he has been contacted by scam callers using different numbers a handful of times since last weekend.

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As well as HMRC scammers, he’s also had calls pertaining to be from BT.

Newport City Council have also warned about scammers targeting elderly people in the city on weekends, pretending to be from the local authority.

The crooks tell residents they are from pest control, and need a fee to solve a vermin problem.

Newport council have confirmed they do not have a pest control unit, and added people should contact the police if they receive these phone calls.