A MAN has slammed “mindless morons” who have stolen lead from a listed building multiple times in less than six months.

Beechwood House, a listed building in Beechwood Park in Newport, has been targeted by thieves who climb onto the roof to steal the lead.

The most recent theft took place in the early hours of Tuesday, but there have been five similar incidents since October 22.

Phil Cooper, who is managing director of Venture Wales, is disgusted and said: “Beechwood House was once a derelict eyesore, but Newport City Council spent millions salvaging it.

“Lots of investment has gone into the building, with at least 20 companies based here, hiring more than 100 people, and many community groups using the facilities.”

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(Picture: Chris Tinsley)

The thefts occurred in 2018 on October 22, October 25, November 11, and – in 2019 – on January 26 and February 5.

A spokeswoman for Newport City Council said: “We share the concerns of Venture Wales after Beechwood House was targeted by thieves.

“Venture Wales as the tenants of the building are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the premises which are housed in Beechwood Park.

“The thefts have been reported to police and council officers are investigating ways to replace the lead with another material.”


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Ironically, the criminals responsible are making "peanuts” – as the lead has a traceable marking system on it – while causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Mr Cooper said: “When these mindless morons target Beechwood House the lead is replaced with SmartWater, so technically has very little value. These idiots tear down the lead, which is covered in gunge, causing thousands in damage to make peanuts. I’m absolutely gutted.

“These people are putting themselves at jeopardy. If they fall onto our spiked railings, they could be impaled and killed.”

Karina Puckett, along with Andy Duddridge, helps manage the building and said: “It’s soul-destroying really. It feels like a personal attack on this beautiful house.”

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(Picture: Chris Tinsley)

Gwent Police have confirmed the incident. In a statement they said: “We are investigating the ongoing theft of lead from the roof of Beechwood House. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting reference 1900043691.

“Or you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Or message direct on Facebook or Twitter.”