AN EXCITING exhibition collaborating poetry and art has a private viewing tonight.

Power Play is a blend of poetry, by renowned writer Mair De Gare Pitt, and accompanying artwork by Jill Powell.

Although the exhibition is already open to the public, at Barnabas Arts House, Newport, the official launch of the book of poetry (also called Power Play) will be from 7pm this Friday.

Jill Powell and Mair De Gare Pitt will be on hand, giving guests the chance to find out more about their inspiration, with the poetry focused on politics from a female point of view.

It will also provide the opportunity to hear poetry performed by the writer, plus to buy first edition signed copies of the book and the accompanying artwork.

South Wales Argus:

The exhibition runs until March 2. The book will also be available to purchase, for £8, at the exhibition.


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