LAST week's featured ship was the Malcolm Miller making her way to a mooring in Newport's North Dock in 1973.

This week's ship is also in Newport Dock, this time in 1978. Do you recognise her. Send your answers to If you know the answer email or write to Sarah Wigmore, South Wales Argus, Cardiff Road, Newport, NP20 3QN.

Your answers from last week:

The ship my be sail training ship Winston Churchill. I remember she was in Newport in the early 80s

Dave Morrisey, Newport

Possibly Sir Winston Churchill or the Malcolm Miller. Sister ships built as STS. Sail Training Ships.

Alistair Duncan, Aberdeen

The picture you are wondering about is the Sail Training Association Sailing Vessel " Sir Malcolm Miller " which visited Newport Docks on two occasions I believe. I was actually on board a ship in the Docks when the Malcolm Miller sailed past to Berth in the North Dock. Hope this has answered your query.

Colin Bartlett

Well this made for an interesting read as I am sat at my desk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this Sunday lunchtime.

As people have already stated this is the 3-mast schooner.

Malcom Miller

Being ex, Royal Navy I have an avid interest in ships of all classifications, especially the tall ships and during my service found her derelict remains in the River Fal, Cornwall, a sad site to behold.

Well thanks for making this Sunday lunch, more interesting than others and send my regards back home to South Wales, where it sounds a lot colder than here in the Middle East

Mark Bone,

Regional Business Development Manager,

For Unique Catering Services Ltd.

I think that the ship that is pictured in the Usk Estuary in 1973 could be the Sail Training ship ‘Sir Winston Churchill’. There could be a link to the British Steel Orb Works who did offer to send a number of apprentices/trainees on this ship as part of a development programme sometime about 1972ish.

Dave Mathias,


Sir Winston Churchill or it might be its sister-ship the Malcom Miller both training ships, I’ve sailed on the Sir Winston Churchill in the mid 70’s

Harry Meese

The Malcolm Miller. Ended up burnt out and rotting away in Falmouth in 2009ish and was sold to a Cypriot shipyard before being turned into a luxury yacht.

DBran86 comment on the South Wales Argus website

Malcom Miller or Sir Winston Churchill training ship.

Sparticist commenting on the South Wales Argus website

I think this is the Sail Training Ship The Sir Winston Churchill.

My husband was a guest on board, and as a memento was given a small dish/ashtray featuring the ship, which I still have on my mantel piece.

Motoring Gal commenting on the South Wales Argus website