A NEWPORT cobbler is once again making the news headlines but this time instead of being in them he is selling them for charity.

Kelvin Reddicliffe, aged 63, of Timpsons shoe repairs, Austin Friars, near the Friars Walk, has collected a dozen recent South Wales Argus bills - the notices placed on boards outside newsagent shops.

And the shoe man has had the bills framed, with the aim of selling each of them in aid of Newport-based charity St David’s Hospice Care.

Why you say? Well, what makes these bills special is each mentions the city’s heroic football Newport County AFC.

Avid collector Mr Reddicliffe, who generates thousands of pounds for the charity each year through his various sales of collectables and has featured in the Argus on numerous occasions due to his various charitable efforts, has targeted the used Argus bills which mention Newport County’s FA Cup heroics this season.

He said: “I pick up the bills at the end of the day from the display outside my local newsagent. It’s costing me a small fortune in buying scratch cards as I feel that I have to buy a couple whenever I pop in and ask to have the bills.

“The shop keeper is happy to let me have the bills as they’re no use to him. I get each of the used bills framed. I am selling each for £100. They’ll make a unique piece for the collector of things related to Newport County’s unique heroics in the 2019 FA Cup leading up the crunch match against Premiership champions Manchester City on Saturday.”

Kris Broome, of St David’s Hospice Care, said: “We never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity Kelvin employs in his various fund raising endeavours for our charity. We are ever so grateful to all that he does and the money he raises for St David’s Hospice Care.”

Anyone interested in buying one of the individually framed, used bills, first come first served, is asked to call in to Timpsons and ask for Mr Reddicliffe.