Take a look at this week’s Now and Then photographs, do you recognise where they were taken?

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Last week's photograph was Chepstow Road in Newport. Here's what you had to say about it:

This is Chepstow Road in about 1906. Open top tram No 33 is heading for town and passing the junction with Cedar Road which the lady and little boy are about to cross with their pram. The trees on both sides of the road had been recently planted as they still have their protective cages around them - I doubt if it was to protect against vandalism - in recent times the trees at Ringland were either destroyed or ripped out within weeks of being planted. Adjacent to Chepstow Rd was Corporation Rd where No 33 lived at the tram depot, the depot was next door to the power station which supplied the current for No 33 and its brothers. I hope that the horse was placid as the tram was going to pass very close by. Today's picture is dominated by the ugly block of the abandoned tax office.

Dave Woolven, Newport