A NEWPORT woman who died on January 4 last year, four days after her husband succumbed to pneumonia, was unwell herself with a similar illness and may also have mistakenly taken too much of her depression medication, a coroner said.

Elizabeth Davies - known by her middle name of Jill - was found dead at her home in Firbank Crescent, St Julians, Newport, by brother-in-law Ronald Crank, in the same room and chair she was in when he left the previous evening, he told an inquest.

Her husband Peter died on December 31 2017, and Mr Crank had come to Newport to support Mrs Davies and help with funeral arrangements.

He said Mr and Mrs Davies had been coughing when he saw them on Boxing Day, but there seemed nothing to worry about.

Mr Crank told senior coroner for Gwent Wendy James he did not believe Mrs Davies had moved between early on the evening of January 3, when he left to stay with his daughter in Cardiff, and around 9am the following morning, when he discovered her body.

Mrs Davies, a retired midwife, took medication for her depression, and was "very careful" with it, said Mr Crank.

A post mortem examination revealed the cause of death as influenza pneumonitis and drug toxicity, involving excess amounts of drugs used to treat depression.

Ms James said it was clear Mrs Davies had gone through a very traumatic few days, whilst herself feeling very unwell.

"There is no evidence Jill took too much medication with the intention of ending her own life," she said.

"It seems likely she may have become confused, perhaps forgot she had taken medication, and took another dose too soon."

Conclusion: Misadventure.