STARGAZERS will get a rare chance to see their second supermoon of the year this week.

On Tuesday, February 19, the Moon will only be 221,734 miles from the earth, a hair’s breadth relatively speaking.

This especially close Moon phenomenon is referred to as a super snow moon.

We will have to wait until December 6, 2052, to see the Moon at its closest of the century, a mere 221,485 miles.

Argus night sky correspondent Jonathan Powell said: “With another eight years to wait until it comes this close again, astronomers worldwide will be hoping to see a perigean full moon (a full moon near perigee).

“The bright star near to the February Supermoon is Regulus in the constellation of Leo the Lion.

“For the next seven months, each full moon following February will occur further away than the previous month.”

The variances in the lunar orbit in relation to Earth’s orbit cause these Super and Micro Moon incidences.


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