SLEEPING pods for the homeless in Newport have been hailed as an "emergency lifeline" for rough sleepers and welcomed by residents across the city.

Charity Amazing Grace Spaces first unveiled the pods in October 2018, having recorded a rise in the number of rough sleepers in many cities.

And this month the charity arranged for two pods to be sited in the city centre, after a businessman gave permission for them to be placed on land at the back of his site.

The pods - which costs between five to six thousand pounds each - are currently occupied by two rough sleepers, who now have access to a bed, light, toilet and phone charger.

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Newport residents have since welcomed the arrival of the pods, with one rough sleeper saying the scheme had stopped him committing crime just to have access to a "warm prison cell".

Allt-yr-yn resident Jon Millership said: “This is great work from the charity and those who have helped make it possible. Anything that helps people without a home is good in my opinion.

“It gives an emergency lifeline to rough sleepers.

“Rather than battle the cold, they can be inside one of these great pods.”

Laura Williams, who lives in Cardiff Road, said: "There are too many homeless people out there.

"If homeless people are using them then they must work. It is important to get rough sleepers off the street and somewhere safe at night.

"This could save lives."

South Wales Argus:

Inside the homeless pod

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And David Prosser, of George Street, added: "I hope they work. There shouldn't be anyone in 21st century Britain who is homeless.

"I have been over to see the pods and if they can turn people's lives around then I will support them."

However, one resident expressed his reservation.

"I do not think they can make a difference," said George Street resident Basil Sujeeun.

"My understanding is that the pods give temporary accommodation. So how will it work in the long term?

"Rough sleepers need help but I do not think this will work."

He added: "I just hope they do not get vandalised."

The charity plans to increase the number of pods in Newport by two in the next few weeks.

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