FRESH calls for a Chepstow bypass have been made in the Assembly.

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay has long campaigned for a bypass around Chepstow, which is frequently congested with traffic, causing pollution problems throughout the Monmouthshire town.

And, speaking in the Assembly this week Mr Ramsay said his constituents "could only look on enviously" as a new £90 million bypass in Newtown, Powys, was opened earlier this month.


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"As those news reports circulated, Chepstow was totally clogged up with traffic at that very point in time - a result of poorly-planned roadworks on the M48 and the Severn Bridge," he said.

"The latter due to the toll removal following the abolition of the tolls."

Addressing finance minister Rebecca Evans, he said the long-mooted bypass was "much needed for the town".

South Wales Argus:

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay

He added: "Could I add to that the need for far greater cooperation between the highway authorities in Wales and across the border in England? Those roadworks could have been better coordinated cross-border.

"We saw a lot of traffic leaving Chepstow and clogging up the minor roads because of the closure of roadworks on the M48 and the bridge at the same time.

"If we could solve those problems in future, I know that my constituents in Chepstow would much appreciate it."

South Wales Argus:

Finance minister Rebecca Evans

Ms Evans said she agreed the issue of cooperation between the Welsh and UK Governments on roadworks was "an important point that warrants some further discussion".

Cost predictions have estimated a new bypass around the town could cost more than £100 million.