THIS week we reported two new sleeping pods for the homeless had been set up in Newport city centre.

Although readers on the Argus website generally welcomed work to help get people off the streets, some asked if this was the right approach.

Here's a selection of comments from the online article:

South Wales Argus:

Homeless pods in Newport

Rough sleepers need the right help, integrated support and mental health triage needed with more supervised emergency accommodation, the concern of the resident should be noted.


'This could save lives': Residents welcome new sleeping pods for the homeless in Newport

Newport West MP Paul Flynn has died aged 84

Newport West MP Paul Flynn gained a reputation as a man who never minced his words

It would be nice to see some waste land that has been fenced up and unused finally be put to some use, maybe build a bit of a community for homeless with a shower block too.

Have it manned and have proper paperwork with this community, first-in first-out in regards to homing, provide help for them to put them back in communities and help them find help with any alcohol or drug abuse etc.


We should have more empathy for the homeless.

Perhaps we can find appropriate sites for these pods or similar to the sites the council have built for the gypsies.

Mab y mynydd

Well-intentioned but flawed thinking. Only a matter of time before a body is found inside.

This is a drugs issue.

Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Melvyn The Milk

Hungry and homeless yet need a phone charger!

Is that so they can phone through their next order of drugs?

It's the cause of homelessness that needs dealing with rather than the effect.

Dafydd y Garreg Wen

Meanwhile the death of long-serving Newport West MP Paul Flynn also prompted a range of tributes and memories.

Here's what readers said:

South Wales Argus:

Paul Flynn

So sad to hear about Paul Flynn, a lovely man, he helped me quite a few times with my autistic son.


Very sad to see that Paul has passed away.

Great sympathy to Sam.

As I was deputy returning officer when he got in as MP for Newport West, I came across him quite frequently, but before then his time as a councillor brings back memories.

Also his CND activities when he dragged councillors to Caerwent US Air base to see if they had any hidden silos.

Never had a beer with you in the Ridgeway, but I will miss you and your sound advice


I didn't know anything about him, beyond being an MP, until I read his obituary this morning.

I'm not a Labour voter, nevertheless I think it's great that in addition to his evident passion and political conviction, that he gained all that work and life experience before becoming a paid politician.

How I think it should be.

Newport Mal

A true socialist. From the old school. R.I.P.

Mab y mynydd1

Paul Flynn was an outstanding Parliamentarian, an independent thinker who was nobody's lackey, and an MP who stood up for Newport and for Wales.

I was proud to have him as my MP. He will be very difficult to replace.


Very sad news.

I've never had an issue with conviction politicians, of which he was most definitely one.

His work ethic cannot be doubted and the HoC will be diminished by his passing.


One of the few that foresaw the disastrous long-term consequences of getting sucked into the Iraq war.

Never afraid to stand up for his views, often at personal cost.

He will be missed.

You Knows It

I was a proud activist in the anti-apartheid movement which helped to get the release of Mandela along with Hanif Bhamjee, who was exiled from the then racist South African regime.

Paul was always willing to help our cause and for that I thank him.

Paul of course was a true socialist and loved his home town of Newport.

Our Man in Cairo

Paul did a tremendous amount of work to make cannabis oil legal for medical purposes only. He was also opposed to the Iraq war. RIP!


An excellent MP who did so much for so many of Newport's residents.

Many, sadly remain unknowing and ungrateful. We should erect a statue or at least a plaque in his honor.