A LITERATURE festival aimed at children will take over the capital city soon.

Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival will run from March 30 and April 7. Here are 10 Welsh-language events on the cards.

  • Fashion designer, author and illustrator Felicity Haf will share the special story of a little girl who bakes special cakes with her grandmother, followed by a colouring session. 10am, March 30, at Old Library Gallery (3+).
  • Cartoonist, Huw Aaron, will show kids how to bring their weird and wonderful Welsh legend creatures to life. 3pm, March 30, at Cardiff Central Library (3+).
  • Nia Gruffydd will tell the stories of four fairies, their friends, and animals that help on their daily adventures. Guests can make woodland fairy crafts to take home. 4pm , March 30, at Room D of City Hall (4+).
  • Huw Davies will tell the tale Sgramblo which follows a 14-year-old with a passion for motorcycle scrambling and the ensuing excitement. 11am, March 31, at Cardiff Story Learning Suite (8+).
  • Tomos, an energetic, curious theatre mouse will take over the role of a star unable to perform. 3pm, March, 31 at Old Library Gallery (5+).
  • Actress Ffion Wyn Bowen will read an interactive and bilingual story and movement session, ideal for parents who are new to learning Welsh.10am, March 31, at Room C of City Hall (2+).
  • Author Meleri Wyn James will host a session that will encourage children to fuel their imagination through words and crafts. 11am, April 6, at Cardiff Castle Undercroft (6+).
  • Learn about Cadi, the dinosaur whisperer, with author and TV presenter, Bethan Gwanas. Free posters of Cadi and her dinosaur friends will be available. 3pm, April 6, at Cardiff Castle Undercroft (5+).
  • Author Angharad Elen and artist Nest Llwyd Owen will share a storytelling adventure of Deian & Loli and the Sleeping Stars and take part in a character creation workshop. 11am, April 7, at Old Library Gallery (3+).
  • Manon Steffan Ros will host a light-hearted creative writing workshop to get your imagination running wild and your creativity flowing. From creating storylines to character development, this is the workshop to help get your story ideas off the ground. 12pm, April 7, at Cardiff Castle Undercroft (9+).