NEARLY 50 objections have been lodged over plans to reduce the size of a central lake and relocate a leisure hub as part of a major development in Newport.

An application has been made to discharge planning conditions relating to a masterplan for the regeneration of the former Llanwern Steelworks, known as the Glan Llyn site.

Under the proposed changes, a central lake will be reduced from 4.2 hectares to 0.6 hectares and an associated leisure hub will also be relocated.

The revised masterplan shows the amount of public open space around the central lakes area is 'greatly reduced', with this area now earmarked for housing.

A leisure hub will be moved to the 'western park', which has already been developed, and could include a cricket pitch as well.

Originally the hub was planned to include waterside activities, a skatepark, multi-use games area as well as facilities for tennis and basketball.

A planning report says: "It is not clear how the applicant intends to deliver the leisure hub now the land it was to be on, or at least some of it, is effectively given over to housing.

"However the eastern part of the site is not being master planned and this provides significant scope for additional open space to be delivered in the future."


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The reduction of the central lake means water based recreation will not be "meaningfully possible", though alternative leisure provision could still be possible as part of the development.

A total of 44 objections have been lodged over the proposed changes.

One says: "This is an attempt to squeeze more houses onto the site to the detriment of residents who were sold a vision of a sustainable new community with extensive lakes."

Objectors also say removing lakes means anyone wanting to participate in water based recreation will now have to travel.

The lakes were also intended to provide storage capacity for flood waters, and objectors say their removal "endangers the site in the future as the climate worsens."

Planning officers say the loss of water-based recreation is "a clear loss", but that if alternative provision can be agreed it would not be 'unacceptable.'

They conclude reducing the amount of lakes could be allowed but only if acceptable alternative provision can be secured.

Around 750 homes have been built or approved at the Glan Llyn site which was approved in 2010. The application to discharge conditions has been recommended for approval, and will be decided by the council's planning committee on Wednesday.