BLAENAU Gwent MP Nick Smith has signed a letter to the prime minister calling for an end to Britain’s contribution to climate change before 2050.

The letter says setting a goal of net zero emissions would put the UK at the forefront of “the race for investment in clean industries”, “creating jobs” and “inspiring the next generation.”

‘Net zero’ means greenhouse gas emissions will be cut to as close to zero as possible.

Any remaining emissions will be soaked up from the atmosphere by, for example, planting more trees which absorb carbon dioxide gas from the air as they grow.

Nick Smith MP said: “Climate change poses a threat to the entire planet. The UK should be at the forefront of addressing the urgent need to rapidly decarbonise towards net zero emissions.

“Transforming our economy to tackle climate change would not only help prevent further catastrophic changes to our environment, but also provide opportunities for creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs across the whole UK.

“Although the UK has made some moves to decarbonise its energy sector, the government’s inadequate support for renewable energy poses a threat to this progress.

“More needs to be done, before it is too late.”

Neil Thorns, chairman of The Climate Coalition said: “Millions of people across the country have joined The Climate Coalition to show the love for the people, places and things that they want to protect from climate change, and we are delighted to see politicians across political parties coming together to deliver on that message.

“This is our opportunity to create a cleaner, more secure Britain for all of us.”

So far, more than 180 MPs from across the political parties have signed the letter to the prime minister.