A POLITICAL party dedicated to direct democracy - when decisions are made directly by the people rather than through politicians - has announced its candidate in the Newport West by-election.

The Democrats and Veterans Party has announced Phillip Taylor will run in the election on April 4.

In a statement the party said Army veteran Mr Taylor will stand for the people and for direct democracy.


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"As we embrace the opportunities of Brexit and beyond, this by-election is a chance to allow the next generation and a people's party to take control of our broken politics with Direct Democracy," it said.

"Two lessons we have learnt from the Brexit vote are that representative democracy is not representing the people and that the established parties are failing and invested with those who hold us in contempt.

"The Democrats and Veterans Party's purpose is to make the UK strong and prosperous by securing commercial and personal liberty, genuine democracy and a rule of law for all.

"We will always stand up for local people and common sense rather than toeing the party line."

Also running in the election are: