A “BOASTFUL" professional drug dealer who made more than £230,000 selling cannabis has been ordered to pay back just over £36,000.

Mark Wainfur, of Sycamore Avenue, Newport who was jailed for 41 months last July, appeared for a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing.

The city’s crown court heard how the 30-year-old benefitted by £233,595.56 and must repay £36,573.63 within three months or face another nine months in prison.

Wainfur admitted being concerned in the production of cannabis and money laundering.

Co-defendant Robert Harvey, aged 33, of Laburnum Drive, Newport, admitted conspiring to supply heroin and was sentenced to 63 months in prison.

When Wainfur was jailed last summer, prosecutor Owen Williams told Newport Crown Court that after police raided his home on March 2018, they discovered ‘skunk’ cannabis and resins.

They also seized equipment for weighing and preparing the drug, medicinal cannabis stickers, paper strip “business cards” containing mobile phone numbers, and several mobile phones.

Cash totalling £14,134 was found in coat pockets as well as expensive clothes, jewellery and watches, some of which were "expensive brands" such as Rolex.

Among hundreds of photos and videos on the phones, said Mr Williams, were several featuring Wainfur “posing with large amounts of cash” and “in a cannabis factory”.

His defence counsel Steve Thomas said his client’s only mitigation was his guilty plea, describing him as a “professional drug supplier”.

Sentencing him, Judge Neil Bidder QC told Wainfur: “There is convincing and substantial evidence of you being concerned in the production of cannabis.”

He added in the photos he was “boasting and showing off quantities of cash”.