A MAN left traumatised by the sight of his dog being swept away by a river has recalled the terrifying moment he almost drowned desperately trying to rescue the canine. 

Mike Buckingham - who has pledged to continue his search for the Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever, called Archie - recalled the frightening encounter that almost cost him his life: "I jumped into the water when I saw Archie in trouble. 

South Wales Argus:

"I did not realise the strength of the current and it took me under. I must have been under for about 30 seconds." 

The 74-year-old, who is a former journalist for the South Wales Argus, added: "I managed to swim under a fallen tree and get out of the current.

"If there had been any branches I would have got caught and drowned."

The incident occurred in Sirhowy Country Park, in Caerphilly county borough, on Sunday morning.

Mr Buckingham and his wife later appealed for Argus readers to update them with any potential sightings of the dog, but three days have since passed and Archie remains missing.

South Wales Argus:

Mr Buckingham said: "When I got out I could not see Archie anywhere.

"I am lucky to be alive. 

"But what would have been better is for me to be here with my dog."

"My wife and I will do everything we can to find Archie and bring him home.

"We have put posters up across the area and are determined to find him."

The Crosskeys resident has asked if anyone has a canoe that could be used to assist the search.

"A canoe would allow us to search the whole of the river," he said.

"My wife and I would like to thank everyone so far who have helped.

"They have been out there in all weather searching for Archie."

There has only been one possible sighting of the retriever so far which was along the High Street, in Crosskeys.

If you have any information, or you can help, call 07738001950.