TORFAEN MP Nick Thomas-Symonds has slammed Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of the vote on Brexit in Parliament tonight.

The shadow security minister and shadow solicitor-general said that the PM had been putting her party before the country with her actions since the humiliating 230-vote defeat she suffered the last time the Commons passed judgment on her Brexit plan.

He said: “92 days after the Prime Minister abandoned the first meaningful vote in this attorney general’s view the legal risk remains unchanged.


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“Mr Speaker, what the attorney general was asked to do, and what the Prime Minister promised in this House on January 29 - to change the text of the withdrawal agreement simply isn’t possible.

“He’s a lawyer, he isn’t a magician.

“Doesn’t this whole episode of recent weeks show that when national leadership is required, this Prime Minister, as always, puts party before country?”

Mrs May needed at least another 116 votes on Tuesday night to reach the necessary 318 votes to give her new deal a much sought-after majority.