AS MEMBERS of Parliament go to the polls to decide the future of Brexit, we want to hear from our readers about what they want to happen next.

Today (Wednesday), MPs will vote on the prospect of taking a 'no-deal Brexit' off the table.

This vote will decide whether the UK leaves the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and political declaration.

And tomorrow, ministers will vote on extending Article 50 – the legal mechanism to leave the EU – past its current deadline of March 29.

Supporters of this option say the extended deadline would help the UK get its house in order and could open the door to more negotiations with Brussels.

With so much to decide in Westminster, we want to hear what our readers think should happen next with Brexit.

In October last year, during the Conservative and Labour party conferences, we ran a reader poll asking you what you thought should happen then.

An overwhelming majority of 63 per cent said they wanted a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

But now, with the March 29 deadline inching closer, we want to know if that is still the case.

Have your say here:

The poll will be open for two days.