THERESA May suffered the second defeat in as many days after MPs voted to entirely rule out a no-deal Brexit.

The government had presented a vote in Parliament yesterday evening ruling out a no-deal Brexit on March 29 after MPs voted against the prime minister's deal for the second time on Tuesday.

But MPs instead backed an amendment ruling out no-deal at any time - albeit by a tiny margin, with 312 voting in favour of it and 308 against. And the final motion was backed by 321 to 278.


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Theresa May's Brexit deal rejected again in second humiliating defeat

Just one Gwent MP voted in support of Theresa May's second rejected Brexit deal

Although the vote is non-binding, this represents another defeat for the prime minister and means the chances of the UK leaving the EU as planned on March 29 are slimmer.

Of Gwent's MPs, Monmouth's David Davies, who has been a strong supporter of Brexit, was the only one to confirm he was voting against ruling out a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking before the vote he said: "I have always thought that some form of compromise might be the only way forward given the divisions in Parliament and in the country, so I have supported the prime minister’s withdrawal deal.

"There is clearly no wish to compromise in or out of Parliament.

"Remain supporters want to ignore the referendum and stay in the EU and Leave supporters want to be completely out by the end of March.

"I campaigned to leave the EU and stood on a manifesto with a commitment to support Brexit and I will vote accordingly."

He added: "Taking the option of a no-deal Brexit off the table would make it even harder to get any kind of a deal and I will not support this."

But Islwyn MP Chris Evans confirmed he was voting to rule out no-deal.

"This does not mean that Brexit will not go ahead," he said.

"It simply means there will be more time to negotiate the terms on which we will leave.

"This is not where anyone hoped we would be at this stage but we only have the government to blame for this.

"They have wasted time when they should have been negotiating.

"I can now only hope they will use the time given by an extension to get the kind of deal the country deserves."

It was unclear how Blaenau Gwent MP Nick Smith, Newport East's Jessica Morden and Torfaen's Nick Thomas-Symonds voted as the Argus went to press, but all three have historically spoken out against Brexit.

MPs will vote tomorrow on whether to ask for an extension to Article 50.

Writing on Twitter after the vote, first minister Mark Drakeford said: Parliament has taken a step in the right direction but we still face the danger of stumbling out of the EU without a deal on March 29.

"MPs must now instruct the government to seek extension of Article 50 and test the views of the Commons on the best way forward."

He also urged Mrs May to work across political lines to secure an agreement which will win support.