A £12 MILLION project to transform Newport’s tallest building into a luxury hotel is almost complete.

The IAD Company have offered a sneak peek into the redevelopment of Chrtist Tower in Commercial Street, which is a few finishing touches away from opening as a four-star Accor Hotel.

South Wales Argus:

Nine months has been spent transforming the derelict site into a 15-floor 142-bedroom luxury hotel, which includes an in-house restaurant, 30,000sq ft of office space and 18,000sq ft of retail space.

The project’s planning permission was approved in July 2018, followed by IAD working closely with the hotel’s owners, Garrison Barclays Estates, to breathe new life into the former office building which dates back to the 1960s.

South Wales Argus:

Director at IAD, Rebecca Lewis-Chapman, said: “After months of hard work we are very excited to give you a sneak-peak in to the Chartist Tower Hotel.

“It has been an amazing project to work on and will provide much-needed hotel, conference and office facilities in the heart of a rapidly expanding city centre for Newport.”

South Wales Argus:

Chartist Tower

The detailed development is in conjunction with Architects Powell Dobson and the wider Chartist Tower Hotel.

The hotel aims to promote a sense of luxury with acknowledgements made to the history of the locality included in the design.

Colour schemes used throughout the hotel have been chosen to reflect some of Newport and the surrounding area’s natural resources too, with sea, sand and coal represented in the design.

The hotel’s carpets have been chosen to reflect the surrounding cityscape, as well as a special nod being given to Newport’s famous Transporter Bridge.

South Wales Argus:

A previous artist's impression of how the finished hotel is expected to look (Picture: Powell Dobson Architects)

Ms Lewis-Chapman added: “Mercure, part of the Accor group, have a reputation for providing some of the best designed hotels in the world, and we have worked closely with them to ensure The Chartist Tower will promote that reputation even further.”

Director of Garrison Barclays Estates, Andrew McCarthy, said: “It has been a pleasure working with such a professional team. Their attention to detail and can-do attitude has had a huge impact on how smoothly this project has run.”

The Chartist Tower Hotel is expected to welcome its first guests this autumn, with opening of the offices set to coincide with that of the hotel.

More information on The IAD Company can be found at theiadcompany.com


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