FAMILIES could soon be able to take on a new cycling trail at a popular visitor attraction.

Caerphilly council has outlined plans to build a new trail for riders of all abilities at Cwmcarn Forest.

Currently the only trails at the site are categorised as red or black, which are not suitable for inexperienced riders.

But proposals have now been lodged to open a new blue trail, which would be suitable for all abilities.

The plans would use the existing Twrch trail for the first kilometre.

A new 2.5km section would be built to return cyclists to the starting point at the main car park.

South Wales Argus:

A map showing the proposed trail

Blue trails are built to be one metre in width with a stone surface and moderate grading with some steep sections included.

A planning application says: "As Cwmcarn is developing as a major family adventure attraction with the addition of new play facilities and accommodation lodges this form of cycling will add to the draw for families.

"This will also play a part in increasing the health benefits as more people will be able to be involved in the cycling activity and may give them the confidence to develop to other trails on site."

Cycle trails are graded from green to black with green being the typical forest roads and black being the downhill trails.

Cwmcarn Forest currently has four trails which are black and red, though a pump track is also said to be popular with children.

The trail would be free to ride and would also add as an additional facility to the community.

Caerphilly Adventure Group would also be able to use the facility for their activities.

No trees would need to be removed during construction, the application says.

The area for the proposed trail, within a woodland area, is currently underused as it is difficult to access.

A pre-built steel fabricated tunnel will also be installed as part of the development.

South Wales Argus:

A tunnel like this one could be used in the trail

The tunnel would be six metres long and 2.6m wide.

The application adds: "The route of the proposed blue trail passes through the existing Y Mynydd and Twrch trail descents.

"Due to the profile of the proposed riders using the new trail it is too dangerous to pass them over the trail using a structure, it's easier and more beneficial to pass them under the trails in a tunnel."