RECENT problems across with street lights in much of Monmouthshire have been attributed to the company which provided the hardware going into administration, Monmouthshire County Council has revealed.

Across the county, people have been going to bed with the streets outside in total darkness, only to wake up and find the streetlights on and remaining on throughout the day.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “Some years ago Monmouthshire County Council introduced a system to allow street lights to be managed remotely using telephone technology.

“This allowed the council to switch lights off and on, dim them, record faulty lights and register actual energy usage, all with the aim of responding to residents’ demands and reducing the electricity bill.

“Unfortunately, the company that provided the hardware and software has gone into administration.

“Officers are investigating what options are available to ensure the lights are not on during the day and remain illuminated at night.

“We will provide further updates as things develop.”

The council spokesman later confirmed the contractor which had gone into administration was Harvard, and the administrators were Grant Thornton.

The local authority took to social media on Sunday to thank residents for reporting street light issues, which was met with some criticism. One woman called the situation a “total waste of money”.

A solution to the county’s street light woes is not imminent, however, but the Free Press understands the authority was in the early stages of negotiations with a new company.

The council spokesman said: “We appreciate that seeing lights illuminated during the day can be frustrating, but an immediate solution would be extremely expensive and only short term as a new company takes on the service in April.”