A HEAVILY pregnant mum has said she fears for the health of her family after a 15-month battle with landlords over her mouldy home.

Elizabeth Edwards, 27, lives on Rectory Road in Crumlin with her husband, her 13-year-old niece Hannah Holloway, and – until March 8 – her three-year-old daughter Grace Edwards.

She claims the recurring damp in her home is so bad that daughter Grace has been sent to stay with her grandmother as it is affecting her health.

South Wales Argus:

Ms Edwards says the issue has been a persistent problem since moving to the property 15 months ago.

United Welsh, who rent out the property, say they have offered support to the family.

But Mrs Edwards, who is due to give birth this week, is concerned about bringing a newborn baby into the home.

South Wales Argus:

Mrs Edwards said: “It’s driving me crazy, they’re not taking any notice.

“My baby is due this week and I’d like to get the issue sorted, because I’m not happy with bringing up a newborn here. It’s upsetting having Grace staying with her Nan, but her cough has improved.

“If nothing’s done, I’ll have to bring Grace home as it’s not fair on her Nan, who’s a single parent and has an 8-year-old to look after as well.”


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United Welsh, who she rents the property from, have offered support and said: “We are keen to work with all our tenants to help maintain and look after their homes.

“When we first sign someone up as a tenant we give them advice on how to deal with condensation and recommend that they keep their properties well ventilated especially if they are using tumble dryers or drying clothes on radiators.

“We also give them tips on how to deal with marks caused by condensation which can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

“In this case we have been working with Environmental Health to resolve the issue and have attended Rectory Road on a number of occasions to undertake work such as re-plastering and installing more insulation in the attic as well as removing marks.”

South Wales Argus:

Mrs Edwards is dissatisfied though, claiming that in the past the damp has been washed off but comes back. She wants more work done to resolve the issue.

Ms Holloway is still staying at the address, as they have no where else to put her, and although she isn’t ill Mrs Edwards says she is ‘depressed’ and ‘annoyed’ by the situation.

Mrs Edwards is currently on a housing list, as she needs a three-bedroom house for when she has her second baby, but she is worried that future tenants could have the same problem.

She said: “I’ve been told by a few people that previous tenants have left due to the same problem.”

For more information on how to avoid or get rid of damp and mould visit nhs.uk/common-health-questions/lifestyle/how-do-i-get-rid-of-damp-and-mould/