A PLEA has been made to help deliver a birthday gift sent from Newport to a ten-year-old boy after it got lost in the post and ended up in Hampshire.

Amy Louise, a Senior Claims Qualifier from Gosport, received the surprise delivery last week.

It was addressed to a young boy called Dylan.

After taking to Facebook in an attempt to highlight the matter, she said she received some information about a “strange stamp” on the parcel.

Ms Louise added: “There was a strange stamp on it, so a lady on Facebook asked to see it as I didn’t understand what it meant.

“She told me it had been sent from Caerleon Road Post Office in Newport.”

Ms Louise said she felt compelled to try and return it to its rightful owner.

“The postman handed it over to me and I took it in the house,” she said of when she first received the parcel.

“I wasn’t expecting anything, but I thought maybe the other half had ordered something.

“As I walked into the kitchen I saw the name Dylan on it though, so I chased down the postman and told him that the parcel was not for us, even though it was in my address.”

Ms Louise said the postman was unable to take the gift back off her hands though as it did not have a return address.

She had since tried to join various ‘Buy & Sell’ groups for the Newport area on Facebook in hopes of contacting someone but has had no success.

“I thought Facebook helps you find so many people that it was worth the shot rather than just handing it back to the post office,” she said.

“It would probably end up staying there as people might not be expecting the gift.”

Call the Argus on 01633 777219 if you have any information.