SCORES of hungry and excited fans waited in line to celebrate the first birthday of their favourite cake shop yesterday.

Beth's Bakes, on Newport's Church Road, has fast become a huge hit, drawing customers from all around Gwent, as well as further afield.

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"Today was amazing – I’m so grateful," owner Beth Sims said after Saturday's birthday event, which included free samples, as well as goodie bags for the first customers.

She added: "The turn out was incredible and I couldn’t believe how many customers we had outside the door. Some even waited an hour and a half before we opened [at 10.30am]."

South Wales Argus: Customers wait eagerly outside Beth's Bakes in Newport.Customers wait eagerly outside Beth's Bakes in Newport.

Ms Sims taught herself to bake, and ran a smaller cake business from home before opening the Church Road shop in April 2018.

She said: "The first year in the shop has been fantastic. I’ve gone from having one member of staff to an amazing team of five. I appreciate all of them for what they bring to the team and I’m so lucky."

Beth's Bakes has amassed an army of followers on social media, where Ms Sims shares photographs of all her creations, including celebration cakes, cupcakes, and the ever-popular brownies.

South Wales Argus: The brownies and blondies are some of the most popular choices at Beth's Bakes.The brownies and blondies are some of the most popular choices at Beth's Bakes.

Queues outside the shop are a regular occurrence, and yesterday's event drew an impressive crowd of enthusiastic customers, including Nick Chard, who to some contention described himself as the company's number one fan.

"These cakes are the best around," Mr Chard, of Newport, said. "I'm the biggest fan of Beth's Bakes – she's amazing.

"I try to get here once a week, and get something different each time.

"I arrived just before 10am today, but it's totally worth the wait."

South Wales Argus: Beth's Bakes fan Nick Chard.Beth's Bakes fan Nick Chard.

Other customers included Donna, who had travelled from Caldicot to buy a tray of cupcakes for her stepdad's 60th birthday.

She said: "It's a surprise for him, and I'm sure he'll love it.

"My husband's waiting in the car. He comes here all the time, so he's told me what to get."

Jay and Jodie, from Malpas, were at the back of the queue.

Jay said: "It's a while since we've been. I've been dieting recently, but if I'm having a rest, I might as well have the best."

To mark the shop's first birthday, Ms Sims said a raffle had raised money for Velindre Cancer Centre, and goodie bags – with sweet treats and products from other local businesses – had been given to the first 25 customers to spend more than £20 that day.

Beth's Bakes will soon expand, taking on the property next door, allowing for a bigger kitchen.

It’s because of our fabulous customers and amazingly hardworking staff that this is happening," Ms Sims said. "A huge thanks to you all for your loyal support."