HISTORY will be brought to life this Easter with re-enactments and more at various Cadw sites.

South Wales Argus:

Caerphilly Castle (Picture: Daniel Anthony)

Wales’ biggest fortress, Caerphilly Castle, will welcome the Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment of the King’s Army for four days of battles, cannons and muskets.

Visitors are advised to choose their side wisely as they witness skirmishes between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians, the changing of the guard and a host of living history activities.

This will be from April 19 to April 22, 11am to 4pm. Booking isn’t required but admissions fees apply. £8.90 for adults, £7.10 for senior citizens, £5.30 for students and children under 16, or £25.70 for family (two adults, up to three children).

South Wales Argus:

Tintern Abbey (Picture: Scrivlens)

At Tintern Abbey, guests between 10am and 4pm on April 20 can go on a tour, guided by Brother Thomas, complete with information about the monks’ rituals and responsibilities, and plenty of secrets behind the workings of the Abbey. £7.30 for adults, £5.80 for senior citizens, £4.40 children, or £21.20 for family.

The Abbey will also have falconry, 11am to 4pm, on April 20 and 21. Visitors can enjoy majestic displays with birds of prey and learn about the role of falconry in Tudor life. Prices as above.

South Wales Argus:

Raglan Castle (Picture: Sharon Smith)

Historia Normannis brings history to life at Raglan Castle April 10 to 22, from 10am to 4pm. Visitors can expect staged battles between knights and men-at-arms, historical fashion shows, singing, historical crafts and archery. Admission is £7.30 for adults, £5.80 for senior citizens, £4.40 children, or £21.20 for family.

To see the full Easter events programme, please visit cadw.gov.wales/events, follow @CadwWales on Twitter and find Cadw on Facebook.


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