LOTS of people will remember carefully opening a pack of football stickers in their younger days and painstakingly sticking them into the album - but few can say they were able to do so with their own picture.

That's exactly what the members of Newport Corinthians can do though, after the club joined forces with a Spanish firm to produce a special book.

It is believed to be the first sticker book of its kind in Wales, with the players and their families able to buy packets of stickers featuring them and their team-mates to complete their albums.

South Wales Argus:

Drew Morgan with his sticker book (Picture: www.christinsleyphotography.co.uk)

The club’s junior chairman Tom Carroll said the aim was to unite the club's members.

He said: “We’ve got under-6s to under-13s.

“They’re not going to know each other, but with this book it means that they will get to know players in the different teams. It’ll bring the club closer together.”

The books are also personalised so that each player has a unique memento of their time with the club, which is based at Coronation Park.

Produced by Spanish company Cromogal, the publication features glossy full-colour stickers of each player.

Mr Carroll added: “These books are popular in Spain but the Newport Corries book is the first of its kind in Wales.

“It has taken three months of work to complete."

A completed book is being kept at the clubhouse for people to view as they please.

Mr Carroll said: “Each pack of stickers is £1.20 which seems like a lot, but a percentage of that will go back into the club.”

He went on to say that there were further incentives to completing the album.

“If you complete the book you get an A3 copy of one of the stickers,” he said.

“You also get put into a draw for more exclusive prizes such as Playstations and hoverboards.”

Limited copies are available. 

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