GWENT Police are launching a Newport-wide crackdown on illegal and antisocial use of off-road bikes and vehicles today (Friday, April 12).

Operation Harley is being led by the force’s neighbourhood policing teams.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of how the public can report concerns, and how the police will combat the issue.

It will also highlight to potential offenders the damaging and dangerous nature of this behaviour.

Sergeant Roland Giles, of Newport West’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “We share the community’s frustrations with these bikes and their riders, who often show no regard for their fellow road users, neighbours or pedestrians – not to mention their own safety.

"Together, we can make illegal and antisocial off-roading in Newport off-limits.”

Community outreach work will commence today with events outside Spytty’s Tesco Extra store in Newport East, Friar’s Walk in the City Centre, and both Pill and Duffryn ASDA stores in Newport West.

Members of the public will be able to meet their local officers, access information about how to best report incidents of off-roading, and find out how police and communities can work together to stamp it out.

The campaign will also feature a number of dedicated action evenings in problem areas, in addition to regular patrols and information gathering.

Sgt Giles added: “To effectively tackle the issues around off-road bikes and vehicles, we need help from our communities to gather intelligence.

“We need to know who is using these bikes, where they are storing them and who their passengers are. By having this information, we can identify the riders and seize the bikes."

Residents can report any concerns to Gwent Police by direct messaging their Twitter or Facebook accounts, using the hashtag #OpHarley and quoting the reference 1900054085.

Photographs, videos or any other supporting information can also be included, alongside the following desirable details:

• A description of the person riding the bike or in the vehicle in question

• Where it is being used

• When it is being used – times of day or night, days of the week

• Details of the offending vehicle/bike

• Who you believe may own the vehicle/bike

• Where you believe the vehicle/bike may be stored

Members of the public can also email, call 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if they would prefer, quoting the same reference.