NETWORK Rail have apologised to residents of a Newport street who have been living within sight of a piles of fly-tipped rubbish for nine months - despite reporting it to them last Summer.

In August, 2018, as part of our War on Litter campaign, the South Wales Argus reported that residents of Albert Terrace in Newport were fed up of waking up to the pile of litter that had been dumped on top of a steep railway embankment in the city centre.

Residents Pam Parker, 60, and Robin Rooks, both of Albert Terrace, reporting the fly tipped rubbish on the embankment to Network Rail, but were shocked to be told it could take another 30 days to be collected as it is not considered dangerous.

But, unbelievably, it turns out the rubbish was never collected by Network Rail, and is still sat on the embankment nine months later.

South Wales Argus:

(Pam Parker, and Robin Rooks, both of Albert Terrace, originally reported the fly tipped rubbish on the embankment to Network Rail)

Mr Rooks told the South Wales Argus that he phoned Network Rail multiple times to come and collect the piles of rubbish, and was told the organisation had to wait until there were no trains running.

"It's just sickening having to look at it every day from my window," he told the South Wales Argus.

"It's been months and it's still there.

South Wales Argus:

(The rubbish as pictured in August 2019)

"There are plenty of days when there are no trains - bank holidays for example. The rubbish is right at the top of the embankment, so it's actually quite far down to the train line too."

When the South Wales Argus contacted Network Rail, the organisation said the rubbish had been collected as promised in late August/early September.

But when we showed them pictures taken in August 2018 and in April 2019, they issued the following apology.

South Wales Argus:

(The same rubbish pictured nine months later)

“We apologise to local residents as this flytipping should have been removed sooner.

"Due to its location on a very steep embankment, specialist teams will need to access the site using ropes to clear the domestic waste safely, and this will be completed this month.

“Each year, we remove tonnes of litter and flytipping from the railway in Wales and Borders and this could be avoided if people took their rubbish to a bin or nearest recycling centre.

"We are funded by taxpayers and the money we spend on clearing up rubbish could be better spent on improving public services.”